On Tuesday, MedStar was forced to shut down its computer network after detecting a virus that prevented users to log into the network. In a Facebook post, MedStar said there was no evidence that information had been compromised.

As of Friday, MedStar had not yet released details of the attack or the nature of the malware. However, MedStar employees told The Washington Post that it was indeed ransomware, which demanded that the system pay 45 bitcoins, or about $19,000, in exchange for a digital key to unlock the data.

An employee at MedStar Southern Maryland Hospital send The Washington Post an image of the “ransom note” which came in the form of a pop-up on her computer screen.

“You just have 10 days to send us the Bitcoin,” the note read. “After 10 days we will remove your private key and it’s impossible to recover your files.”

As of today, the network has yet to be fully restored.

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