MedStar Health has aligned with Uber to provide rides to and from medical appointments throughout the Washington, D.C. metro area. 

According to Columbia, Md.-Based MedStar, patients can select a “Ride With Uber” button on MedStar’s website, determine the wait time and approximate cost to the physician office, clinic or other location. Patients can also choose to receive a reminder automatically an hour before their appointment.

“Patients expect the same level of seamless integration in health care as they do in other aspects of their everyday life,”  said Michael Ruiz, MedStar vice president and chief digital officer. “Our partnership with Uber is but one small step toward a future where technology-enabled patient engagement rivals other industries that have been disrupted by digital technology.” 

MedStar said that transportation is often a factor when patients miss appointments or need to reschedule at the last minute.

MedStar has 6,000 affiliated physicians, ten hospitals, clinics and a research institute in Maryland and the Washington, D.C. metro area.

Earlier last week, Lyft, another personal transportation app, said it launched a pilot program offering seniors rides to nonemergency medical appointments in New York City. Lyft said it has an agreement with National Medtrans Network to help meet demand.

“We’re fulfilling 2,500 rides per week in New York City alone, providing dramatic reductions in wait times and missed physician appointments for patients, and increasing passenger satisfaction by 28%,” the company said.

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