UnitedHealth Group is launching a national ACO in 2017, Forbes reported. UnitedHealth’s NexusACO will be offered to companies with 100 or more employees during the fall open enrollment period.

“This (ACO) will have a much more national view with consistency across how the product is designed,” Jeff Alter, UnitedHealthcare’s CEO of employer and individual coverage, told Forbes. “It’s sold as a product that happens to have a unique network attached to it.” 

United Healthcare already has a dozen employers committed to the new product. The NexusACO will include tier 1 physicians—those in their network that have proven to provide high quality care at affordable rates.

The NexusACO has providers participating from 15 markets, including:

  • Los Angeles, Orange County and the San Francisco Bay Area in California
  • Austin, Houston and San Antonio, Texas
  • Cleveland and Columbus, Ohio
  • Phoenix and Tucson, Arizona
  • Denver, Colorado
  • Chicago Illinois
  • Richmond, Virginia
  • Northern New Jersey
  • Rhode Island

UnitedHealthcare has approximately 800 ACO contracts across the U.S., up from 500 in 2015.

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